6 07, 2019

The New NBA

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The NBA has been around now for more than 60 years and the Boston Celtics dynasty of the 1950's and 1960's was the league's bedrock. The NBA's popularity took off during the 1980's as the rivalry between Larry Bird and his Celtics against Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers made the league a box [...]

3 07, 2019

Biting Off More Than He Can Chew

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Kevin Durant So now that the dust has settled in regards to small forward Kevin Durant's decision to leave the Golden State Warriors in order to join the Brooklyn Nets in free agency, let the analyzing begin. There are those that believe that this move by Durant to team with point guard Kyrie [...]

1 07, 2019

The Tyrant At MSG Strikes Again

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During this past NBA season it didn't take long to see that the New York Knicks were not going to contend as by early December they were already ten games under .500. And as the losses continued to pile up for the Knicks, but the end of January, they were a paltry 10-40. At this [...]

26 06, 2019

A Sign Of Things To Come

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After a six-year hiatus everything is in place for the University of Connecticut to rejoin the Big East Conference which will be a huge boost for the school's premier athletic programs such as men's and women's basketball. The past six years have seen Connecticut play the part of a "fish out of water" in the [...]