2020 MLB Playoff Projections


American League

1. New York Yankees

2. Minnesota Twins

3. Oakland Athletics

4. Tampa Bay Rays

5.Cleveland Indians

American League Wild Card Game Cleveland Indians vs. Tampa Bay Rays

For the second straight year the Rays find a way to get it done in the wild card game.

American League Divisional Series

Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees (Yankees win series 3-2)

The Yankees know all too well how pesky that the upstart Rays are as they’ll push the Bronx Bombers to the limit.

Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins ( Twins win series 3-2)

In what could arguably be the best series of the playoffs, the Twins find a way to squeak past the Athletics.

American League Championship Series Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees (Yankees win series 4-1)

The Twins run into an old nemesis, and the result are all too familiar.

National League

1.Los Angeles Dodgers

2.Atlanta Braves

3.St. Louis Cardinals

4.New York Mets

5.Philadelphia Phillies

National League Wild Card Game Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets

It’s a rarity to have both the Phillies and Mets competitive at the same time which will add some intrigue to this winner-take-all contest.

National League Divisional Series

New York Mets vs. Los Angeles Dodges (Mets win series 3-2)

Another playoff disappointment could result in the Dodgers moving on from manager Dave Roberts.

Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Braves win series 3-1)

The Cardinals will find out that this is a different Braves team that they are facing as opposed to last October.

National League Championship Series New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves (Braves wins series 4-2)

After being so close in recent years, this Braves team appears to be a team of destiny.

2020 World Series New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves (Braves win series 4-3)

Unlike how things played out during the 1990’s when these two franchises met twice in the Fall Classic, the Braves will find a way to get the best of the Yankees.


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