NBA Draft

2019 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

1. New Orleans Pelicans-Zion Williamson-Power Forward-Duke It's no secret that the New Orleans Pelicans will get themselves another franchise player that does not want to be there. Ja Morant 2. Memphis Grizzlies-Ja Morant-Point Guard-Murray State And just like that the Memphis Grizzlies have their heir apparent to Mike Conley. 3. New York Knicks-RJ [...]

2018 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Deandre Ayton 1. Phoenix Suns-Deandre Ayton-7'1"-Freshman-Center-Arizona Deandre Ayton is the best player heading into NBA Draft which makes it a no-brainer that the Suns will take him here. 2. Sacramento Kings-Luka Donocic-6'8"-Shooting Guard-Slovenia We all know that Ayton will go first, but whatever the Kings decide to do with the second overall pick [...]

2018 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

DeAndre Ayton 1.  Phoenix Suns-Deandre Ayton-7'1"-Freshman-Center-Arizona The Suns only won 21 games last year and they have not made the playoffs since 2010 as this is a franchise that is desperate to turn things around. 2. Sacramento Kings-Marvin Bagley III-6'11"-Freshman-Power Forward-Duke Whereas the Kings continue to pick early on in the NBA Draft, [...]

Clueless In Chicago

11 of the last 13 NBA seasons have seen the Chicago Bulls make the playoffs, but they've never been able to recapture the magic that they had in the 1990's. That decade saw the Bulls win six NBA Championships as they were led by Michael Jordan who many people view as the greatest basketball player [...]

2017 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

1. Philadelphia 76ers (via Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics)-Markelle Fultz-Freshman-Point Guard-Washington The 76ers once again have the first overall pick in the NBA Draft and they will get themselves a quality ball handler. 2. Los Angeles Lakers-Lonzo Ball-Freshman-Point Guard-UCLA It would not shock me to Lakers pass on Lonzo Ball here, but the fact that [...]

2017 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

Markelle Fultz 1. Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn Nets)-Markelle Fultz-Freshman-Point Guard-Washington If the Boston Celtics do not trade this pick, they will be stumbling on some more talent for thier back court. 2. Los Angeles Lakers-Lonzo Ball-Freshman-Point Guard-UCLA The Lakers are the only team that Lonzo Ball is working out for, and if he [...]