Kansas City Royals

2018 American League Central Projections

X-Cleveland Indians 92-70 The past five years have been good to the Cleveland Indians as they have reemerged as a power on the Major League Baseball scene. In each of those years the Indians have never had a losing campaign, while they won 102 games last season for the first time since 1954. But a [...]

Struck While The Iron Was Hot

After nearly 25 years of futility, the Kansas City Royals broke through to win 86 games in 2013. The Royals won the American League Pennant in 2014 before taking home the World Series Championship in 2015. But immediately following their World Series victory, the Royals would take a step back in 2016 as they went [...]

2017 American League Central Projections

X-Cleveland Indians 92-70 As good as the 2016 Major League Baseball season was for the Cleveland Indians, they are left to ponder as far as what could have been. The Indians enjoyed a postseason run that saw them sweep the heavily favored Boston Red Sox in the American League Divisional Series, and defeat the Toronto [...]

A Royal Pain

  After the Kansas City Royals lost the 2014 World Series which marked the end of a grueling seven-game struggle against the San Francisco Giants, there was a high level of hunger that fueled this team in 2015. The Royals won 95 games en route to winning the American League Central, while also getting back [...]

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2016 MLB Playoff Projections

American League 1. Kansas City Royals 2. Los Angeles Angels 3. Toronto Blue Jays 4. Texas Rangers 5. Boston Red Sox American League Wild Card Game Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers The Red Sox might be out of gas after having to be in a play-in game while the Rangers will be fresh.  American [...]

2016 American League Central Projections

X-Kansas City Royals 93-69 (1) After winning the World Series Championship in 1985, it was a slow tumble down for the Kansas City Royals as from 2002-2006, they had four seasons in which they lost at least 100 games. But after having just one winning season from 1995-2012, the Royals began to establish themselves as [...]

The Determined Royals

When Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez popped out to San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval to end the 2014 World Series, it symbolized the clock striking midnight for the cinderella Royals. After not making the playoffs since 1985 and enduring 20 losing seasons from 1986-2013, the Royals got hot coming down the stretch [...]