2016 MLB Playoff Projections


American League

1. Kansas City Royals

2. Los Angeles Angels

3. Toronto Blue Jays

4. Texas Rangers

5. Boston Red Sox

American League Wild Card Game

Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers

The Red Sox might be out of gas after having to be in a play-in game while the Rangers will be fresh. 

American League Divisional Series

Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals (Royals win series 3-1)

The Rangers will put up a fight, but the experience of the Royals will reign supreme.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Angels (Blue Jays win series 3-2)

This series will be defined by offense and the Blue Jays have the edge in that category.

American League Championship Series

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals (Royals win series 4-1)

Like it or not, but we could be witnessing a dynasty in the making with the Royals.

National League

1. Chicago Cubs

2. New York Mets

3. San Francisco Giants

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

5. St. Louis Cardinals

National League Wild Card Game

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The third time could finally be the charm for the Pirates as far as winning the Wild Card Game.

National League Divisional Series

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs (Cubs win series 3-1)

The Cubs are emerging as the new kings of the National League Central.

San Francisco Giants vs. New York Mets (Giants win series 3-2)

The Mets are eager to get back to the World Series, but the Giants are a tough team to knock off in October.

National League Championship Series

San Francisco Giants vs. Chicago Cubs (Giants win 4-2)

The Cubs are an improved team from last year, but they still lack the October experience of the Giants.

World Series

Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants (Giants win 4-2)

In a rematch of the 2014 World Series, the Royals and Giants will go at it, but it is tough to bet against San Francisco in an even-numbered year.


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