Giancarlo Stanton

2019 American League East Projections

X-Boston Red Sox 95-67  As soon as the 2018 Major League Baseball season began, there was something different about the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox played with a sense of urgency that we hadn't seen from in recent years, and before you knew it, they were the best team in baseball. The Red Sox [...]

What’s Left To Cheer For?

Earlier this year the Miami Marlins were sold from longtime owner Jeffrey Loria to a group that included former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Loria received $1.2 billion for the Marlins in spite of the fact that he consistently mismanaged the team. The Marlins have not made the playoffs since 2003, while they have [...]

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The Giancarlo Sweepstakes

Derek Jeter When former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter became part of the ownership group that purchased the Miami Marlins earlier this year, you expected changes to be coming to South Florida. Jeter is now the Marlins CEO as well as having a 20% ownership stake in the franchise. Jeter won five [...]

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The Captain Is Taking Over South Beach

Jeffrey Loria Earlier this year Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria made it known publicly of his intentions to sell the team that he has owned since 2002. And earlier this year it was also reported that former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was part of a group that intended to purchase the [...]

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2017 National League East Projections

X-Washington Nationals 90-72 Since 2012, the Washington Nationals have had one of the most talented teams in Major League Baseball, but they have struggled to live up to their potential. The Nationals have three National League East Titles to their credit since 2012, but they've also failed to win a playoff series. And dating back [...]

Here To Stay

The Miami Marlins have been a Major League Baseball franchise for 24 years and in their existence they have never won a division title. But the Marlins do have a pair of World Series Championships to show for their two postseason appearances. The Marlins have been a tough team for fans to get behind as [...]

The “Smashing” Success Of Giancarlo Stanton

Major League Baseball currently has several young players that are doing some remarkable things in their respective careers. And one player that is in that mix is Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. After being drafted by the Marlins in 2007, Stanton made his MLB debut in 2010 and he has quickly developed into one of [...]

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Same Old Marlins?

After some wheeling and dealing over the off-season by Miami Marlins general manager Dan Jennings, the team was hopeful that the results would turn them into a contender in the National League East. But unfortunately for the Marlins, the start of the 2015 Major League Baseball season hasn't been what they envisioned. The Marlins are [...]

2015 National League East Projections

X-Washington Nationals 93-69 Over the past few seasons the Washington Nationals have emerged as the team to beat in the National League East, but it hasn't amounted to any success in the month of October. The Nationals have won the NL East in two of the last three seasons, but have failed to win a [...]