Jimmy Haslam

No End In Sight For The Browns

For fans of some teams in the National Football League, they will be quick to get frustrated if two or three years go by and their favorite team has not reached the postseason; but little do they know that it could be worse. The Cleveland Browns have not made the playoffs since 2002, while they [...]

Rock Bottom

It's hard to believe that the Cleveland Browns were once the class of the National Football League. Including the Browns time in the All-American Conference, they played in a championship game in each year from 1946-1955, while they were also one of the better teams in the NFL in the 1960's. The Browns were also [...]

Should We Be Surprised?

Unless you're old enough to remember the days when running back Jim Brown played for the Cleveland Browns, then you don't have a clue about the prior success of the organization. From 1950-1965, the Browns played for the National Football League Championship nine times while winning it all on four occasions. But since then the [...]

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