2019 MLB Playoff Projections


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American League

1. Houston Astros

2. Boston Red Sox

3. Cleveland Indians

4. New York Yankees

5. Oakland Athletics

American League Wild Card Game Oakland vs. New York

In a rematch of last year’s wild card game, the A’s will once again run into the buzz saw that is the Yankees.

American League Divisional Series

New York vs. Houston (Astros win series 3-1)

You have to wonder if another playoff disappointment will cost Yankees manager Aaron Boone his job?

Cleveland vs. Boston (Red Sox win series 3-0)

The defending World Series Champs will not be slowed down by the pitching of the Indians.

American League Championship Series

Boston vs. Houston (Astros win series 4-2)

In a role reversal from last October, the Astros are able to seize the moment and get the best of the Red Sox.

National League

1. Chicago Cubs

2.Colorado Rockies

3. Atlanta Braves

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

5. St. Louis Cardinals

National League Wild Card Game St. Louis vs. Los Angeles

Two of Major League Baseball’s most storied franchises will once again meet in October, but the Cards will be unable to overcome the Dodgers.

National League Divisional Series

Los Angeles vs. Chicago (Chicago wins series 3-1)

After an early exit from the postseason in 2018, the Cubs are ready to bounce back with an eye on winning another World Series Title.

Atlanta vs. Colorado (Rockies win series 3-2)

This could be the best series of the postseason as the Braves and Rockies will indeed slug it out.

National League Championship SeriesĀ 

Colorado vs. Chicago (Cubs win series 4-2)

Plain and simply the Cubs will not be denied from getting their second National League Pennant in the last four years.

World Series

Chicago vs. Houston (Astros win series 4-2)

Both of these teams know what it is to taste championship gold, but it’s the Astros that’ll once again be the kings of the mountain.


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