Broner Is His Own Problem


This past Saturday night saw Adrien Broner taste defeat for the third time as a professional. Broner lost via unanimous decision to Mikey Garcia at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. And although that Broner is only 28-years of age, his career is at the crossroads. Each time that Broner enters the ring he has a tremendous amount of bravado; however in the three fights that could have taken his career to the next level, he has come up short.

In Broner’s losses to Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter, and most recently Garcia, the theme was the same as he started off slow which allowed his opponent to dictate the pace. Against Garcia, Broner was able to connect with some good shots, but as he failed to follow up, it allowed Garcia to dominate the contest with flurries of punches.

Garcia outworked Broner as he threw 783 punches to the 400 of Broner. Garcia was able to win the fight 117-111 on two of the judges cards, while he got the victory 116-112 on the other card. And after the official decision on the fight was announced, it was vintage Broner as instead of accepting the fact that he had simply been defeated by the better man in Garcia, he decided to taunt the crowd, while also berating Showtime’s Jim Gray who was only asking him questions about his performance.

Broner has the type of personality that any worthwhile promoter would not want to touch with a 10-foot pole as his lack of sportsmanship is disgusting. Broner’s antics of dancing to the ring with the likes of French Montana and having one of the people in entourage brush his hair before and after the fight are good when he wins, but it loses its sizzle as the losses pile up versus quality opponents, along with the fact the he is a sore loser.

Broner tries to be a showman in the fashion of Floyd Mayweather. However being a showman and flamboyant works for Mayweather due to the fact that he is undefeated along with the fact that people love to hate him, while people simply hate Broner.

So now there will be people who still support Broner that’ll point to the fact that he is only 28-years of age which means that he still has quality years ahead of him. However with Broner being unable to rise to the challenge when the chips have been pushed to the center of the table in regards to his career, it should be difficult for anyone to become enthused in regards to thinking about him as a top-tier fighter. Broner has never headlined a pay-per-view, and the one time that this idea was floated around, he nearly got knocked out against Maidana.

But if Broner is going to turn things around it might be time for him to press the reset button in regards to his team. Broner has too many “yes men” around him as his friends and family are simply there to brush his hair and let him know that he is doing a good job. These tactics will allow Broner to win fights in a small arena in his hometown of Cincinnati, but this won’t fly when the bright lights are on him.

Broner is at the point of his career where he must ask himself whether he wants to be recognized for looking good with his nicely brushed hair, or whether it is more about being a good fighter. But if Broner wants to keep focusing on looking good, he will simply just be another fighter.


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