AFC South

2017 Week 1 NFL Picks

After letting a Super Bowl Championship slipped away from Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, the long journey back begins.

2017 AFC South Draft Grades

Houston Texans First-Round Pick: Deshaun Watson-Quarterback-Clemson Best Pick: Deshaun Watson Grade: A Each of the last two years has seen the Houston Texans with the AFC South, and their productivity at the 2017 National Football League Draft could make them the team to beat in this division for years to come. In a bold move [...]

2016 Week 17 NFL Picks

Week 17's showdown against the Green Bay Packers could be a defining moment for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

2016 Week 16 NFL Picks

The New England Patriots can see the finish line in regards to getting home-field advantage in the playoffs.

No End In Sight

The Jacksonville Jaguars entered the National Football League in 1995 as an expansion franchise. At first life was for the Jaguars was good as from 1996-1999, they made four consecutive playoff appearances including two trips to the AFC Championship Game. However since 2000, things haven't been as easy for the Jaguars as they only made [...]