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Hamilton Is Making It Look Real Easy

2014 was a tremendous year for Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton won his second Formula One Championship while he also managed to date Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. And as 2015 is nearly one-third into the record books, Hamilton literally hasn't taken his foot off of the pedal. Hamilton is on the verge [...]

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The Remarkable Kevin Harvick

In 2001, Kevin Harvick's NASCAR career began unexpectedly. Following the untimely death of racing legend Dale Earnahardt Sr., car owner Richard Childress called upon a young Harvick to get behind the wheel and replace the man that was simply known as "The Intimidator". In Harvick's third NASCAR race he would win the the Cracker Barrel [...]

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Can Jimmie Johnson Do It Again?

Since 2006, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson has taken home the Sprint Cup Series Championship six times. Johnson won five consecutive Sprint Cup Titles from 2006-2010. But after seeing Tony Stewart win the Sprint Cup Title in 2011 and Brad Kezlowski take home the glory in 2012, Johnson reclaimed his spot as the king of the [...]

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The Future of NASCAR Is Austin Dillon

NASCAR has seen drivers dominate different eras. From 1967-1979, NASCAR was dominated by Richard Petty who won six Winston Cup Championships. The 1980's and 1990's was the era that belonged to Dale Earnhardt Sr. as he won seven Winston Cup Titles. Since 2006, Jimmie Johnson and his No. 48 car have dominated the scene as [...]

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The World of Jimmie Johnson

The life of a NASCAR driver is truly demanding. You're on the road for most of the year and you're asked to drive around an oval on Sunday afternoons for several hours. For Jimmie Johnson he has turned NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series into his own playground. Johnson won five consecutive Sprint Cup Series Titles from [...]

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