Oakland Athletics

2017 American League West Projections

X-Texas Rangers 90-72 Since 2009, the Texas Rangers have been one of the better teams in Major League Baseball as they have seven winning seasons and a pair of American League Pennants to their credit. But as good as the Rangers have been, the one thing that they've been unable to put on their resume [...]

2016 MLB Trade Candidates

Sonny Gray-Starting Pitcher-Oakland Athletics I would be extremely surprised to see starting pitcher Sonny Gray finish the 2016 Major League Baseball in an Oakland Athletics uniform. Gray was a first-round pick of the Athletics in 2011, and he has gone on to post a career record of 36-26 to go along with an earned run [...]

Early MLB Trade Candidates

Scott Kazmir-Starting Pitcher-Oakland Athletics After winning 88 games last season, things haven't got started on the right foot this season for the Oakland Athletics who currently have the worst in Major League Baseball. The Athletics could be ready to wave the white flag and with that it might be time for them to make some [...]

2015 American League West Projections

X-Los Angeles Angels 89-73 Last season was a tremendous one for the Los Angeles Angels. The Halos won 98 games in the regular season which was tops in Major League Baseball, but they had an October to forget as they were swept in the American League Divisional Series by the Kansas City Royals. Now the [...]

Things Have Changed For Billy Beane

One month ago the Oakland Athletics were sitting on top of the baseball world. The A's owned a record of 72-44 which was the best in Major League Baseball and they appeared to be a lock for the postseason. But in a matter of a month things have changed drastically. The Athletics are 9-20 in [...]

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Why The Oakland Athletics Are Good For Major League Baseball

Billy Bean Every year you can count on big-market teams in Major League Baseball such as the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox to be at the top of MLB's list for the highest team payrolls. A high payroll doesn't always guarantee success on the baseball diamond which brings [...]

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